Finance, Banking and Insurance in the Bachelor’s degree program provides students with vast and in-depth financial and economic knowledge, which combines the best of the more traditional majors – Finance and Insurance and Social Affairs.

The duration of the Bachelor’s degree (in both full-time and part-time education) is four years, which comprises of eight semesters, with 240 credits in total. Intensive language training in English, German or Russian is provided in both full-time and part-time education. The last semester includes training courses, pre-graduate practice (which provides 2 credits), state examination (10 credits) and provides training in primary and narrowly specialized economic and financial subjects.

The main educational purpose of the specialty “Finance, Banking and Insurance” is the preparation of qualified specialists with knowledge and skills to work in the corporate system, the public sector, the banking system, the capital market, the insurance, the social-protection and pension systems in the European Union and the world. The achievement of the main educational goal includes general theoretical and practical-applied training. Graduates of the specialty students receive the necessary professional qualification in the field of corporate financial management, financial administration, banking, investment and insurance.

Graduates in “Finance, Banking and Insurance” have practical skills for professional analysis and careers in public finance systems, the central bank, commercial banks, the insurance system, and investment companies. By using the case study method, students develop practical habits for cash flow management and maximize the wealth of the state, businesses, and households. Learning competency is developed by providing the training process with teaching material and methodological tools based on the latest developments in modern financial, economic and insurance theory and practice. By working in specialized auditoriums and cabinets, on-line access to library units, scientific journals, and databases, the learning process evolved from classical audiences into a virtual classroom with 24-hour resource provision for learning.

Leaders of “Finance, Banking and Insurance”, the Department of Finance and Credit, and the Department of Insurance and Social Affairs are the first specialized academic departments in the above mentioned academic fields in Bulgaria. For decades, they have been the only scientific centres in Bulgaria, training graduates for the needs of the finance and credit system. The learning process is provided by a high-qualified academic staff of professors and associate professors, senior assistants and assistants. The teaching staff prepares the necessary provision with databases, textbooks and presentations for a qualitative learning process. The two departments provide training for Erasmus + mobility courses for students from over ten European and Asian countries.

The graduates of the specialty "Finance, Banking and Insurance" find a successful realization in the systems of the Ministry of Finance, customs, regional and municipal administrations, investment intermediaries, commercial banks and the central bank, industrial and commercial companies, institutional investors (insurance companies, pension and health insurance funds), international organizations and others. Among the professions and duties where the graduates of the specialty have a successful career are: corporate finance manager, currency dealer, insurance broker, investment banker, credit inspector, customs agent, tax inspector, financial analyst, state expert ministries, departments, regional and municipal administrations, financial director in the public sector, etc.

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