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The D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics (TAE) is located at the city of Svishtov (www.svishtov.bg/index_en.php), on river Danube. This is the southernmost city at the banks of the river Danube (43° H 37' northern latitude) on the map of Europe. The distance from Svishtov to Sofia is 190 km. by the air, to Bucharest is 100 km., to Istanbul is 410 km., to Chisinau is 460 km. and to Kiev is 850 km. It is the shortest way from the Danube through Stara Planina and the Valley of Maritsa River, to the Aegean Sea and Bulgarian-Turkish border.

The traditions and qualities of the lecturing staff of the most recognized academic departments are allowing the TAE (www.uni-svishtov.bg/en) to offer the best opportunities for young generation for university degree elevating graduated students to the career into the global world. The offered bachelor, masters and PhD programs are recognised by the business as the most reliable and profitable “human capital investments”. The labour salary statistics of Bulgaria, as a part of EUROSTAT methodology, evaluate the sector “Financial and insurance activities” as the second most highly paid business branch with an average monthly salary 4 times higher compared to the minimal wage level in Bulgaria.

With a Donation Act from 1st of September 1912, the TAE is the oldest specialised in business training Bulgarian higher education institution with 150 000 graduated students with BSc, MSc or PhD degrees. The Department of Finance and Credit (from 1951) and Department of Insurance and Social Security (1948) are historically first ever Bulgarian academic departments for training students for a sector “Financial and insurance activities” with more then 30 000 Alumni, representing a generations of the entrepreneurship, banking, insurance and public administration elite. Both Departments belongs to the Faculty of Finance of TAE.

With unprecedented lecturing, social and sport activities infrastructure the academic campus of TAE will provide for all international students the best conditions for degree education and fulfilled with positive emotions students’ life.

The Centre for International Affairs (CIA) www.uni-svishtov.bg/en/international-affairs/profile-ia administratively supports the foreign student admission process.

For information about necessary documents for application of international students to our English-language degree programs based on ECTS, including Erasmus+ mobility, please contact directly to our CIA office:

Email: international@uni-svishtov.bg

Tel: (00359) 631 66 376

Tel/Fax: (00359) 631 66 440

Official admission documents and rules of application for D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics (TAE), Svishtov, Bulgaria (2018) by foreign student:
1.    TAE Admission documents for BSc: EU&EEA – download here
2.    TAE Admission documents for BSc: non- EU&EEA – download here
3.    TAE Admission documents for MSc: EU&EEA – download here
4.    TAE Admission documents for MSc: non- EU&EEA – download here
Note: Please download the .zip package of files!

Official YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXk-QXeJac0 video promotion (10.7.2018) of our partnership academic programs prepared by UNIVERSIUM BG with public addresses to our foreign prospect students with subtitles in Turkish by:

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Marchevski – Rector of D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics;
  • Mr. Gencho Genchev – Mayor of Svishtov Municipality;
  • Dr. Med. Kristian Kirilov – Chair of Municipal Council of Svishtov Municiplity;
  • Prof. Dr. Andrey Zahariev – Chair of Department of Finance and Credit at D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics;
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Taner Ismailov – coordinator for admissions of Turkish students; and
  • Mr. Ismail Gafurov - 1st year BSc student of "Finance" at D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics.

The TAE offers the following programs in English language from the academic 2018/2019 year:


(240 credits for 4 academic years), full-time (€980 per year) and part-time (€960 per year)

Note: With a partnership for student’s admission and application of UNİVERSİUM BG: www.universium.com.tr

2. Master’s Programmes – Specialty “FINANCE”

(€900 per semester for fulltime, part-time and distance learning):

             2.1. Master’s programme “FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT”

(60 credits for 1 academic year), full-time` and distance in English language with free set of textbooks in English for all academic courses


(90 credits for 1,5 academic years), full-time for double diploma in English language with free set of textbooks in English for all academic courses

(Joint master’s program with Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University, Vinnytsia, Ukraine)

2.3. Master’s programme “FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT”

(120 credits for 2 academic years), part-time (for non-economist) with free set of textbooks in English for all academic courses from the second year

3. PhD programme: Finance, money circulation, credit and insurance (Finance)

(3 years for self-preparation form of training with PhD project theses in English (80-100 standardized pages) for entry pass,

3 years for distance training after passing entry test,

4 years for full-time after passing entry test,

4 years for part-time after passing entry test)